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Blades of Avernum Screenshots

An underground lair populated by gremlins. Foes in Blades of Avernum can cooperate, run for help, and use a host of nasty magical abilities.
Ogre Fight
A complicated fight. Monsters are charging in from multiple directions. Creatures in Blades of Avernum can go on patrols, call for help, and flee to lure you into ambushes.
The character info screen, where you can improve your skills and see what special items and quests you have received.
Plot Screen
Blades of Avernum, like all of Spiderweb Software's games, has an exciting storyline to keep you involved. Your decisions shape how the world turns out.
Slime Repository
Exploring an abandoned waste dump. The situations you can find yourself in are limited only by the ingenuity of the scenario designers.
Talking to NPC
People will have lots to say. Sometimes, the bad guys will try to recruit you. And, if you want, you can join them.
You will have to find your way around all sorts of tricks, traps, and puzzles. Here, a rune trap has filled the air with icy clouds and whirling blades.
A cat is chasing a rat around. Blades of Avernum's powerful scripting engine allows for complex and interesting characters and situations.
The editor is powerful and easy to use. Spend only a little bit of time to learn to make simple adventures. With more time, you can make enormous and elaborate campaigns.

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