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Blades of Avernum Scenarios

Finished the adventures that come with Blades of Avernum? Want more? This is where you should come. These free scenarios have been created by Blades of Avernum fans and submitted for your enjoyment. Only registered users of Blades of Avernum can play these scenarios.

  • Official Blades of Avernum Scenario Pages, maintained by Spiderweb Software:
  • The Unofficial Blades of Avernum Scenario Database, endorsed by us here at Spiderweb. This site is run by Tyranicus and is a well maintained list of all the current scenarios available on one convienent page.

Instructions for how to download and install these scenarios are below. (If this is your first time downloading a scenario or you are having problems, please read the instructions.)

Scenario Rating System: Scenarios are rated for content (Everyone, Teen, Mature, and Adult) and for quality (a ranking of 1 to 5, based on reviews from users). Each scenario listing will be accompanied by its rating, so you can tell which are the best and which are suitable for younger audiences.

Instructions For Installing New Scenarios:

  1. Only registered users of Blades of Avernum can play these scenarios.
  2. Download an adventure by clicking on its name. If you're using a Macintosh, select a scenario from Macintosh column, and if you're using Windows, select a scenario from the Windows column. If your web browser asks, tell it to save the file to disk.
  3. The scenarios are compressed for fast downloading. Your browser should be smart enough to unpack them for you. (If not, on a MAC you can use StuffIt Expander or Unarchiver. On Windows you can use 7-Zip to uncompress it.) You will now have a folder containing the scenario.
  4. Drag the scenario folder into the Blades of Avernum Scenarios folder, which is in your Blades of Avernum folder. (Drag the whole folder, don't take the files it contains out of it.) NOTE: You should not put more then 30 scenarios in the Blades of Avernum Scenarios folder because inside the game no more then 30 scenarios can be listed.
  5. Launch the game Load a party that isn't currently in a scenario and select Enter Scenario. You can use the arrow keys at the bottom of the adventure selection window to flip to your new adventure. Enjoy!

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