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Avernum 6

Store Room
Avernum 6 is an enormous game, with a huge nation full of fortresses, dungeons, and labyrinths to explore.
Hunt for hundreds of different magical items. Find rare components and craft powerful artifacts. Wield two blades at the same time to reap extra destruction.
Some of the tunnels are barren, jagged rock. Others are full of moss, fungus, and stagnant water. All can be potentially lethal to the unprepared.
Start Room
The beginning of your journey. Up the stairs, your commanding officer awaits. Soon, you will begin a journey that will lead you to determine the final fate of Avernum.


Use over fifty different spells and battle disciplines. Choose from many different blessings, fling flame at your foes, or summon allies to fight by you in battle.

Avernum 6 is full of interesting characters. Some want something from you. Some order you around. And some have been driven just a little bit crazy by life in the underworld.
To save Avernum, you will have to deal with some very powerful creatures. Be careful ... They may have their own goals.
World Map
Look at the world map to see everywhere you have been. The world of Avernum is truly enormous. Helpful markers indicate where to go for major quests.
Avernum 6 has many unusual encounters, demanding planning and the creation of new tactics. Here, you must defeat the demon Zahur Firecaller before the lava surges forward and consumes you.
The world of Avernum has a fascinating and fully developed history. Explore its cities and ruins and meet legendary warriors and wizards.

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