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Avernum 4

Meet the Mayor
Engage in diplomacy with hostile and paranoid Avernites. Here, we see a meeting with Mayor Vikas of Exodus. If you aren't careful, he'll try to stuff you in one of those cages.
Boat Travel
Use boats to sail (well, row) across the perilous subterranean seas of Avernum. Meet island dwellers. Find hidden dungeons. Meet island dwellers with hidden dungeons.
What RPG would be complete without hundreds of treasures, magical items, and raw materials from which artifacts can be crafted.
Avernum 5 World Map
Avernum 5's world map. Avernum 5 is an enormous game. As you explore, more of the map becomes visible.

 Crate Ambush

You won't be in the Underworld long before the villain Dorikas begins to play his first tricks on you. Avernum 5 features many unusual, scripted encounters.


The very beginning of the story, before it all starts to go wrong.

Lift Ambush 

Assaulting the fortress of the bandit lord Lysstak the Beast. Your being stuck on a lift was too good an opportunity for your enemies to pass up.

Hissing Pot
Someone offered you good money to open this pot and see what it inside. Might not be smart.
You might have the misfortune of meeting a band of gremlins. They want to play a game with you. If you lose, you probably won't get out alive.
Not all of the challenges you will find are tactical. There are some cunning puzzles in the underworld.

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