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If you're confused, you can always return to home base for direction. Note the new lighting effects.

The land of Valorim is enormous. It has several huge cities and dozens of smaller towns. Fortunately, you can find maps which will help you make sense of it.

You have been given the order to explore the surface for the first time, trying to find a home for your people. The world is enormous. It will be a challenge just to see a small part of it.

A battle outdoors when it is getting dark. Watch out ... each slime has a different special ability.

Outside the city of Krizsan at night. Might be time to light a torch.

A few of Avernum 3's hundreds of monsters. Some are mundane, and some are very strange indeed.

You don't have to just explore dungeons. There are plenty of other things to do. Like here, you can accept courier missions. Some are simple, and some are quite risky.

Sometimes, magical machinery can be dangerous. Watch yourself around here.

Need to get around the outdoors faster? Purchase a set of fine horses!
Meeting a new friend.
These are final screenshots. Avernum 3 runs on an 800x600 screen in thousands of colors. All of these screenshots have been shrunk down and compressed a little bit for easier downloading.

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