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Avernum 2
About Exile 3: Ruined World and Avernum 3

Those of you familiar with our games know that Avernum 3 is a complete, ground-up rewrite of a game which came out in 1997 … Exile 3: Ruined World. Exile 3 was, by far, our most popular game. It sold scads of copies. It had a fanatical following. It won the Computer Gaming World award for Shareware Game of the Year. People liked it a lot.

So, if it's so darn great, why rewrite it? Well, first, it was extremely dated. It was a very ingenious game, but it was really old, and not many people played it anymore. Plus, for all its popularity, there were numerous
elements of it which were fairly poorly designed.

Thus, this rewrite. Every square inch of it has been gone over. Numerous dungeons were redesigned. Many game elements, spells, items, quests, puzzles, and other things have been added. And, in general, the game is better balanced and has a smoother system and interface.

As usual, if you registered Exile 3 (not the Trilogy CD), you can get Avernum 3 for $10 off.

We really hope you enjoy Avernum 3, whether you played Exile 3 or not. And, if you wish we'd settle down and write all new games, don't worry. Geneforge 2 is on the way.

- Jeff Vogel
Keeper of Avernum (and Exile)

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